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Torso/Chest Injury Compensation Claims

Alkers Solicitors pursue successful ‘no win, no fee’ chest injury compensation claims for clients throughout Lancashire and nationwide. If you have injured your torso during an accident on the road, at work or in a public place, our practiced, qualified lawyers are here to help you claim the compensation you deserve.

The below information is a rough guide to the level of damages that you could recover at the settlement of your chest injury compensation claim. Please remember that the figures quoted are to be used as a guideline only in order to give you an idea of the potential award. Alkers Solicitors will always fight to get you the maximum possible compensation for your claim.

If you would like more accurate chest injury compensation information based on the details of your case, please contact Alkers team of chest injury solicitors for personal legal advice on freephone 0800 00 55 44 , request a callback or use the enquiry form.

Internal Organs – Torso

Chest Injuries

The level of awards will be affected by the following criteria:

A) Age and Gender

B) Scarring

C) Effect on capacity to work and enjoy life

D) Effect on life expectancy

InjuryGuideline award
Worst case including total removal of a lung and/or serious heart damage £64,250 to £96,000
Traumatic injury to chest, lung and/or heart causing permanent damage £42,000 to £64,250
Damage to chest and lung(s) causing some continuing disability £20,000 to £35,000
Relatively simple injury causing some permanent damage £8,000 to £11,500
Toxic fume/smoke inhalation some residual damage £3,450 to £8,000
Injuries leading to collapsed lungs with a full and uncomplicated recovery £1,400 to £3,450
Fractures of ribs or soft tissue injuries causing serious pain and disability over a few weeks only Up to £2,500
Lung Disease
InjuryGuideline award
A young person with serious disability with probability of progressive worsening leading to a premature death £64,250 to £86,500
Lung cancer (typically in an older person) causing severe pain and impairment of function and quality of life £50,000 to £64,250
Disease causing significant and worsening lung function and impaired breathing, restriction of physical activity and employment £35,000 to £50,000
Breathing difficulties requiring fairly frequent inhaler use with significant effect on social and working life £20,000 to £35,000
Bronchitis and wheezing not causing serious symptoms with varying levels of anxiety £13,250 to £20,000
Some slight breathlessness with no effect on working life with likelihood of permanent recovery within a few years £6,750 to £13,250
Provisional awards for less serious cases £3,450 to £6,750
Temporary aggravation of Bronchitis or other chest problem resolving within a very few months £1,400 to £3,450
Asbestos-Related Disease
InjuryGuideline award
Mesothelioma causing severe pain and impairment of both function and quality of life £52,500 to £81,500
Lung cancer, symptoms may not be as painful as Mesothelioma but more protracted £50,000 to £64,250
Asbestosis causing impairment of the extremities of the lungs so that oxygen uptake to the blood stream is reduced £30,750 to £67,500
Pleural thickening typically causing progressive symptoms £24,500 to £50,000
Provisional awards for the least serious cases £4,250 to £7,000
InjuryGuideline award
Severe and permanent disabling asthma £27,500 to £42,000
Chronic asthma £16,750 to £27,500
Bronchitis and wheezing affecting working and social life, likelihood of substantial recovery within a few years £12,250 to £16,750
Relatively mild asthma-like symptoms £6,750 to £12,250
Mild asthma, bronchitis, colds and chest problems resolving within a few months Up to £3,250

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(The amounts are based on the 9th edition of the Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases by the Judicial Studies Board.)